This project is still a work-in-progress. There is currently no set release date as it is to be worked on during any free time I may have. You can read more about what this project is expected to be below. Please note that not all of the information below is promised to be added to the final product. The features listed below are wished to be added but may be modified or removed depending on complexity or storage/bandwidth constraints.


pixel-canvas.io is an online collaborative pixel art canvas where anybody is free to draw using a limited but broad color palette. The cooldown between pixel changes prevent spam artworks from being created or destroying large pieces. Draw to your hearts content!

Account System

An account system will be in place to allow users to track activity of other users, view the owner of artworks, receive notifications of canvas growth, etc. This will also reduce bot spam across the canvas with account email verification being required to modify the canvas in any way.


There is a small cooldown of only 30 seconds between each pixel change on un-edited pixels. Additionally, there is a larger cooldown of 1 minute between each pixel change on previously modified pixels. This prevents users from destroying or griefing artworks that users may have spent hours creating.

Canvas Growth

The canvas will initially start out with a small area, and grow slowly over time to allow new and existing users to create new artworks. The initial canvas size will be 50×50 and grow one pixel in each direction every 2 days. You can opt to receive email notifications every time the canvas grows to stay up-to-date with changes.

Heatmap & Timeline

User activity on the canvas will be tracked on each pixel change to allow users to view a heatmap of the most active areas across the canvas. This can be useful information for new users to inform them to stay away from hot areas. This will also be interesting for data analytics to see how the hot spots move during the growth of the canvas.

A timeline will also be in place for users to see the canvas as it was the in the past. You can use the timeline to explore previous versions of the canvas up until the date of creation.

Area Locking

If you've just created a giant piece of artwork on the canvas and are worried that a user may try to grief it, then you may optionally lock the area by paying a small fee of $0.10/pixel/6 months to prevent any user from modifying the area during that time. This can be useful for showing off grand pieces of art that you spent hours working on.

Discord Server

In the mean time, feel free to join our Discord server and discuss with us about our project. We are open to any feedback during the development to better tailor to the community's needs and wants.